ABOUT The Author- Dr. Taylor Hartman

Dr. Taylor Hartman, Ph. D., is the author and creator of The Color Code, re-released as The People Code. The Color Code, published by Scribner, is an international best-seller and has already been translated into numerous languages. His work has quickly become recognized for its simplicity and accuracy in understanding the unique complexities of human behavior.  No other literary work is as user-friendly in helping its readers quickly apply invaluable insights into every facet of their personal and professional lives.

His second book, Color Your Future, enriches and deepens the revolutionary theory initially expressed in The Color Code.  Both books offer specific methods and a powerful system for developing a charactered life. 

Dr. Hartman is a much sought-after and spellbinding lecturer and keynote speaker. Literally tens of thousands of people have felt the force of his genuine, unconditional love and have used his powerful words to alter and change their lives for the better, forever.

He has appeared on the TODAY Show, The View with Barbara Walters, The Home and Family Show, The Gayle King Show, and hundreds of syndicated radio shows.

Dr. Hartman has been married to his wife of over 35 years, Jean. 
He adores their children and grandchildren.

“After training under Dr. Hartman personally, we have found him to be a genuine, caring, man of humility and character, and so much fun!   He is truly a HERO to us!  We are so grateful for our relationship and friendship with him, and all our friends at Color Code International."
-Van and Tammy Benson