Van and Tammy present The Color Code from an interesting and fascinating standpoint of both business and personal experience.

Following their time at the University of Missouri and Missouri Southern State College, Van and Tammy have enjoyed a 32 year career in business as entrepreneurs.  They are the founders of Motive Matters. They have been married 38 years, and have 4 amazing daughters, and 11 incredible grandchildren.

Van is Yellow, Tammy is Blue.  According to The Color Code, their relationship is known as “Hand in Glove.”  Their colors blend to create a powerful synergy.  They offer a great balance of enthusiasm, focused determination, genuine compassion, and fun.

They will help you enhance the quality of ALL relationships in your life.  You will find the unique Color style of The Benson Team to be professional, insightful, and adaptable to your personal needs, as well as the needs and goals of your organization.

A word from Van and Tammy….
Hosea 4:6 says “My people perish from lack of knowledge.”
Before we found The Color Code, we were perishing in our 25 year marriage. From the moment we discovered our core colors, until now, our relationship as a couple, our relationships with our daughters, and all our relationships in life have been enhanced, and made more fulfilling and successful. Our passion, as Color Code trainers, comes from the real life experience of having been helped so much personally, along with our genuine desire to share with others.

We would love to serve you, by presenting, facilitating, and training the life changing principles and truths of The Color Code!”
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