All of life is about relationships, and business is no exception.

Great managers, and successful business relationships, are not created by sheer luck. It takes hard work. Bad managers, and poor business relationships, don’t just happen either. Many times people look the other way rather than focus on the negative truth about where the conflict comes from, and how it can be successfully resolved.

85% of employees who lost their jobs, last year, were fired because they couldn’t get along with people, not because they lacked the necessary skills or expertise to do the job. The cost of rehiring, retraining, and lost productivity is staggering. 35% of the typical manager’s day is taken up by PEOPLE PROBLEMS! It doesn’t have to be this way.

The insights you receive from Motive Matters, and The Color Code, will give you and your team tools and guides for successful hiring and placement of employees, for conflict resolution, and for building effective and successful teams. Understanding what drives your people, your customers, and yourself, is crucial to winning in the world of business.

"Motive Matters and The Color Code was the best training I've seen in 20 years with our company".  -E.C  Human Resources

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